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Year Faculty Publications
2024 Samer Nofal,"Predicting vehicle travel time on city streets for trip preplanning and predicting heavy traffic for proactive control of street congestion",Scientific Reports,2024 [View]
2024 Alsawaeir, D,Abu-Jaber, N,Lücke, A,Mayr, C ,Lücke, B,"Groundwater in the Na’ur area, Jordan: movement and pollution under changes in landscape uses",Environ Earth Sci.,83: 296.,2024 [View]
2024 Samer Nofal,"On the time complexity of achieving optimal throughput in time division multiple access communication networks",AIMS Mathematics,2024 [View]
2024 B Chhatria,TR Sekhar,D Zeidan,"Limiting behaviour of the Riemann solution to a macroscopic production model with van der Waals equation of state",Applied Mathematics and Computation,465, 128404,2024 [View]
2024 F Harbate,N Izem,M Seaid,D Zeidan,"High-order relaxation methods for nonequilibrium two-phase flow equations",International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow ,34 (3) 1399-1423,2024 [View]
2024 AB Vishalakshi,US Mahabaleshwar,V Anitha,D Zeidan,"A nanofluid couple stress flow due to porous stretching and shrinking sheet with heat transfer",Journal of Porous Media,27 (8), 1-14,2024 [View]
2024 CMA Pinto,D Zeidan,JC Cortés‐Lopéz,JA Tenreiro Machado,"Editorial of the special issue on modelling, analysis, and applications",Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences,47 (5), 3047-3052,2024 [View]
2024 SM Sachhin,M US,HN Huang,B Sunden,D Zeidan,"An influence of temperature jump and Navier’s slip-on hybrid nano fluid flow over a permeable stretching/shrinking sheet with heat transfer and inclined MHD",Nanotechnology,35 (11), 115401,2024 [View]
2024 S Maurya,D Zeidan,M Pandey,"Symmetry analysis, optimal system, and invariant solutions for a (2+ 1)-dimensional two-phase mass flow model",International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics,158, 104585,2024 [View]
2022 Samer Nofal, Amani Abu Jabal, Abdullah Alfarrarjeh, Ismail Hababeh,"Validation of Labelling Algorithms for Abstract Argumentation Frameworks : The Case of Listing Stable Extensions",International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing, Springer International Publishing,2022 [View]
2023 Samer Nofal, Amani Abu Jabal, Abdullah Alfarrarjeh, Ismail Hababeh,"On the Characteristic Functions in Listing Stable Arguments",International Conference on Advanced Engineering, Technology and Applications, Springer Nature,Switzerland,2023 [View]
2023 Samer Nofal,"Forecasting next-hour electricity demand in small-scale territories: Evidence from Jordan",Heliyon,2023 [View]
2023 Samer Nofal,"A combinatorial algorithm and its application in computing all minimum toll sets of graphs",Open Computer Science,2023 [View]
2022 Dana AL-Najjar, Nadia Al-Rousan, Hazem AL-Najjar,"Machine learning to develop credit card customer churn prediction", Journal of Theoretical and Applied Electronic Commerce Research, 2022. (Scopus Q1). ,2022
2021 Dana AL-Najjar, Hazem AL-Najjar, Nadia AL-Rousan," Evaluation of the prediction of CoVID-19 recovered and unrecovered cases using symptoms and patient’s meta data based on support vector machine, neural network, CHAID and QUEST Models",European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences, 2021. (ISI/Scopus Q1),2021