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Year Faculty Publications
2023 Dania Al-Najjar, Hamzeh Assous, Hazem Al-Najjar, Nadia Al-Rousan,"Ramadan effect and indices movement estimation: a case study from eight Arab countries",Journal of Islamic Marketing,2023 (ISI/Scopus Q1).,2023
2023 HF Assous, H AL-Najjar, Nadia Al-Rousan, D AL-Najjar,"Developing a Sustainable Machine Learning Model to Predict Crop Yield in the Gulf Countries",Scopus Q1,2023
2023 Nadia Al-Rousan, D Al-Najjar, H Al-Najjar,"Assessing the Impact of Syrian Refugee Influx on the Jordanian Stock Exchange Market",RISKS,(ISI/Scopus Q1).,2023
2020 AlMahmoud, Rana Husni, Bassam Hammo, and Hossam Faris,"A modified bond energy algorithm with fuzzy merging and its application to Arabic text document clustering", Expert Systems with Applications ,159, p. 113598,2020
2020 Al Mahmoud, RH et al,"Covid-19 global spread analyzer: an ML-based attempt",Journal of Computer Science,pp. 1291–1305,2020
2022 Al-Mahmoud, Rana Husni and Ahmad Sharieh ,"NGram Approach for Semantic Similarity on Arabic Short Text",: International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications 13.11.,2022
2023 Al Mahmoud, Rana Husni, Bassam H. Hammo, and Hossam Faris,"Cluster-based ensemble learning model for improving sentiment classification of Arabic documents",Natural Language Engineering, pp. 1–39,2023
2024 AlMahmoud, Rana Husni and Bassam H Hammo,"SEWAR: A corpus-based N-gram approach for extracting semantically-related words from Arabic medical corpus",Expert Systems with Applications,2024
2022 Abdallah, R.,Alsurakji, T.,Juaidi, A.,Abdel-Fattah, S.,Sayyed, M.,Haniyeh, M.,Albatayneh, A.,Çamur, H.,"The Use of Solidworks in the Evaluation of Wind Turbines in Palestine",Elsevier Journal ,2022 [View]
2023 Albatayneh, A.,Jaradat, M.,Moldovan, L.,"Hydrogen Production and Use: An Overview of its Importance in Mitigating Climate Change and its Nexus with Renewable and Power Engineering", 17th International Conference on Engineering of Modern Electric Systems, EMES 2023,2023 [View]
2023 Jaradat, M.,Albatayneh, A,Alsotary, O.,Hammad, R.,Juaidi, A.,Manzano-Agugliaro, F.,"Water harvesting system in greenhouses with liquid desiccant technology", Journal of Cleaner Production,Elsevier volume (414),2023 [View]
2023 Adel Juaidi,Mahmoud Kobari,Ahmad Mallak,Ahmad Titi,Ramez Abdallah,Moath Nassar ,Aiman Albatayneh ,"A comparative simulation between monofacial and bifacial PV modules under palestine conditions",Elsevier Journal ,Volume 8,2023 [View]
2023 Aiman Albatayneh,"The energy-food dilemma for utilizing biofuels in low-income communities amidst the Russian–Ukrainian conflict",Sage journal Volume (41),2023 [View]
2023 Aiman Albatayneh,Renad Albadaineh,Dina Karasneh,"The impact of PV panels on cooling and heating loads of residential buildings in a humid subtropical climate zone",Energy Exploration & Exploitation ,Sage journal,2023 [View]
2023 Aiman Albatayneh,Adel Juaidi ,Mustafa Jaradat,Francisco Manzano-Agugliaro,"Future of Electric and Hydrogen Cars and Trucks: An Overview",Energies , Volume16(7),2023 [View]