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Year Faculty Publications
2023 Murad Al-Omary,Rafat Aljarrah,Aiman Albatayneh,Dua’a Alshabi ,Khaled Alzaareer,"Impact of using a predictive neural network of multi-term zenith angle function on energy management of solar-harvesting sensor nodes",Energy Harvesting and Systems,De Gruyter ,2023 [View]
2023 Aiman Albatayneh,"Water Energy Food Nexus to Tackle Climate Change in the Eastern Mediterranean",Air, Soil and Water Research ,Sage journal,2023 [View]
2023 Muna Hindiyeh,Aiman Albatayneh,Rana AlAmawi,"Water Energy Food Nexus to Tackle Future Arab Countries Water Scarcity",Air, Soil and Water Research Volume 16: 1–16 ,Sage journal,2023 [View]
2023 Aiman Albatayneh,Adel Juaidi,Francisco Manzano-Agugliaro,"The Negative Impact of Electrical Energy Subsidies on the Energy Consumption—Case Study from Jordan",Energies , Volume16(2),2023 [View]
2023 Aiman Albatayneh,Renad Albadaineh,"Evaluating Shading Effects of PV Systems: Discrepancies in Simulation Software and Energy Consumption",sciendo,Volume (27),2023 [View]
2022 Al-Omary, M.,Albatayneh, A.,Jaradat, M.,Aljarrah, R.,"An Efficient Energy-aware Controller for Small-scale Solar-worked Devices Using Ratioed Pro-Energy Predictor", Elsevier Journal ,IEEE Electrical Power and Energy Conference, EPEC ,Pages 336 - 341,2022 [View]
2022 Juaidi, A.,Muhammad, H.H.,Abdallah, R.,Abdalhaq, R.,Albatayneh, A.,Kawa, F.,"Experimental Validation of Dust Impact On-Grid Connected Pv System Performance in Palestine", Elsevier ,2022 [View]
2022 Al-Omary, M.,Aljarrah, R.,Albatayneh, A.,Alshabi, D.,Alzaareer, K.,"Impact of Using a Predictive Neural Network of Multi-Term Zenith Angle Function on Energy Management of Solar-Harvesting Sensor Nodes", Elsevier ,2022 [View]
2022 Al-Omary, M,Albatayneh, A.,Aljarrah, R.,Alzaareer, K.,"Reliability Evaluation of GSR Prediction Using Neural Networks with Variant Atmospheric Parameters", Elsevier Journal , 19th IEEE International Multi-Conference on Systems, Signals and Devices,Pages 1156 - 1161,2022 [View]
2022 Aiman Albatayneh,Rashed Tarawneh,Abdulrahman Dawas,Mahmoud Alnajjar,Adel Juaidi,Ramez Abdallah,Antonio Zapata-Sierra,Francisco Manzano-Agugliaro,"The installation of residential photovoltaic systems: Impact of energy consumption behaviour", Elsevier Journal ,Volume 54,2022 [View]
2022 Aiman Albatayneh,Renad Albadaineh,Adel Juaidi; Ramez Abdallah,Alberto Zabalo,Francisco Manzano-Agugliaro,"Enhancing the Energy Efficiency of Buildings by Shading with PV Panels in Semi-Arid Climate Zone",Sustainability Journal,2022 [View]
2022 Muhannad Haj Hussein,Sameh Monna,Ramez Abdallah,Adel Juaidi,Aiman Albatayneh,"Improving the Thermal Performance of Building Envelopes: An Approach to Enhancing the Building Energy Efficiency Code",Sustainability Journal,2022 [View]
2022 Aiman Albatayneh,Adel Juaidi,Ramez Abdallah,Araceli Peña-Fernández,Francisco Manzano-Agugliaro,"Effect of the subsidised electrical energy tariff on the residential energy consumption in Jordan",Journal Elsevier,Volume 8 ,Pages 893-903,2022 [View]
2020 Nesreen Alsharman and Ibrahim Jawarneh," GoogleNet CNN Neural Network towards Chest CT- Coronavirus Medical Image Classification",Journal of Computer Science,Vol.16 issue (5): pages 620.625,2020
2021 Ibrahim Jawarneh and Nesreen Alsharman,"The Mathematical Model and Deep Learning Features Selection for Whorl Fingerprint Classifications",Int. J. Comput. Intell. Syst,Vol: 14 issue 1, pp 1208-1216,2021