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Year Books
Periodical Releases Date
Yearbook 2016 26-October-2017
Yearbook 2015 09-September-2015
Yearbook 2014 10-November-2014
GJU Brochures
Periodical Releases Date
GJU Brochure 2015 16-September-2015
M. Sc. in Spatial Planning 14-September-2015
M. Sc. in Vision Rehabilitation 14-September-2015
M. Sc. in Architectural Conservation 14-September-2015
M. Sc. in Enterprise Systems Engineering 14-September-2015
M. A. in German as a Foreign Language 14-September-2015
SATS 14-September-2015
SAHL 14-September-2015
Deanship of Graduate Studies and Scientific Research 14-September-2015
Deanship of Student Affairs 14-September-2015
SABE 14-September-2015
SMLS 14-September-2015
SCEIT 13-September-2015
SAMS 13-September-2015
SNREM 13-September-2015
Talal Abu Ghazaleh School of Business 09-September-2014
Al-Naura Newsletter
Periodical Releases Date
17th Edition - Oct 2014 01-October-2014
16th Edition - Sep 2014 01-September-2014
15th Edition - Aug 2014 01-August-2014
14th Edition - Jul 2014 01-July-2014
13th Edition - Jun 2014 01-June-2014
12th Edition/English - May 2014 01-May-2014