The Programme:

The “Arabic Language and Culture” (ALC) programme was initiated by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) and established by the German Jordanian University (GJU) in 2014.

In its initial phase, it was funded by the DAAD “Programme for Academic Consultancy” (Hochschulberatungsprogramm). The programme is now affiliated with the” Consultation and Training Center” (CTC) of the GJU and the coordinator is Dr. Thelal Oweis.

General Objectives:

The central objective of the ALC programme is to organize intensive Arabic courses during the Autumn terms focusing on Arabic as a foreign language in particular and the Arab culture in general. It implements the didactic concepts of the Bochum University “Institute for Intensive Language Teaching” (LSI) which has been developed further and adapted to the Jordanian framework using new and innovative curricula.

The target group for this programme is students of German universities registered in B. A. programmes majoring in Islamic Studies, Arabic Language and Literature, Oriental Studies… etc.

Students to be enrolled in the ALC programme are either holding scholarships from the DAAD or from their respective universities; some others are individual self-payers.

The entrance level of Arabic required as a prerequisite is “Intermediate”, corresponding to B1 and B2 in accordance with the “Common European Framework of Reference for Languages”. All Applicants will have to pass two assessment tests; one administered by the DAAD while the other is to be administered by the GJU.

Specific Objectives:

At the end of the program, the students will be able to:

1- Utilize the skills of Listening and speaking for the purposes of: socializing, providing and obtaining information, expressing personal feelings and opinions.  This can be achieved through the following lectures : Listening Comprehension, Up to date topics, Tutorials, Amiya

2- Develop cross cultural skills and understanding of perceptions, gestures, folklore and family, community dynamics. Use communication strategies to participate in group and class discussions, select, compile, and synthesize information for an oral presentation. This can be achieved through the lectures of : Arabic Media , Up to date topics, Presentations( each student is supposed to deliver one effective presentation during the programme), Discourse Analysis

3-Develop Reading speed, make use of contextual clues to infer meanings of unfamiliar words from context, comprehend the following:  written messages, conversations with every day vocabulary, authentic texts on different subjects related to their weekly topics, modern literature (poems, shorts stories, prose. A project on literature is handed out by students at the end of the programme). This can be achieved through the following lectures: 1-  Reading Comprehension ( students study two long texts weekly, Vocabulary lists are given to students to prepare them at home, students learn almost 50 new words weekly)    2- Literature   3- Discourse Analysis

4- Write full effect and coherent paragraphs of no less than 500 words (advanced group), 300 words (intermediate group). A portfolio of all the articles is handed out to students at the end of the programme so that they can feel the difference and note their improvement.  This can be achieved through the "Writing" lecture.

5- Improve their pronunciation of Arabic words .Understand the main principles of articulation. Distinguish and properly enunciate voiced and voiceless sounds with increasing intelligibility Identify and properly place stress on nouns and verbs. Produce native-like intonation, rhythm and stress in sentences. This can be achieved through the lecture of" Phonetics".

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