About the Department

About the Department

Energy crises constitutes some of the most pressing issues evident to everybody. One of the options is to look for new sources of sustainable energy. Renewable energy is available in all kinds of forms: Solar, Wind, and Biogas to mention just a few. Therefore, GJU has established this unique Department to respond to the urgent need for graduates equipped with the proper knowledge in the field of energy engineering. The uniqueness of this Department arises from the type of education it provides for Jordan and the entire region for the first time.

Energy Technology refers to the knowledge of and usage skills required for conversion, production, transfer, distribution and use of energy. This leads to the mastering of technology based on the laws of nature, as a result of which different forms of energy can be used to serve the needs of mankind in such a way that nature is spared and the limited economic resources of society are taken into consideration.

Energy and the environment is a new and rapidly growing field of sustainability, which is "meeting the needs of the future without compromising the ability of future generations". This is critically relevant to how it evolves in the near future.

Solving global energy problems poses a great challenge to human ingenuity. What would make a reliably lasting source of energy for years to come? Is it oil, nuclear energy, or would it be renewable energy sources, viz.,  Solar, Wind, Water, biomass, waves …etc.?.

Most countries around the world have declared strategies to switch towards renewable energy sources away from the use of fossil fuels. It is incumbent upon every society to implement this imperative, to preserve energy efficiency and reduce/eliminate environmental pollution.

The study program of energy engineering offers students the opportunity to acquire extensive skills for jobs that require expertise in energy technology across all sectors of society.

The study program is designed to give a graduate with a B.Sc. degree of engineering in energy technology diverse skills in the dimensioning of equipment in the field of energy technology and in the technical and economical design of equipment and distribution systems.

The areas of emphasis of the degree program are technical expertise, the management of environmental effects in energy-economic processes, the business economic design of an entire energy conversion cycle, production, distribution, and usage processes, environmental technology and international energy business.

The Energy Engineering Program consists of two specializations (streams) as follows:

A: Electric Power Engineering

B: Renewable Energy Engineering



The vision of our department is to be a well-established and recognized renewable energy and energy efficiency teaching and research institution on local, regional and global levels. Excellence of teaching and research is our ultimate vision.



Our highest priority is to provide our students with a sound energy engineering education, especially in Renewable energy and sustainable systems. For being a prerequisite for high standard education, we are aiming at performing excellent applied research at our department in closed connection with the production sector. This should serve the economic development, protect the environment, and improve the quality of human life.

Our objectives are:

  • To equip students with the technical knowledge necessary to work effectively as energy engineers in an applied environment.
  • To provide students with adequate experience to design systems as individuals and within teams. 
  • To qualify engineers who respect the ethics of their profession.
  • To equip students with good communication skills.
  • To prepare students for life-long learning and continuing education.
  • To achieve international reputation in distinct research areas including but not limited to solar and wind energy, energy from waste, etc.