• What is the minimum accepting average for BS?

              75 is the minimum accepting average for all business school majors 


  • If I can't attend a final exam due to an official excuse, how can I submit the excuse?

          In case of sickness you have to submit the medical report to the university physician for the approval and then provide it to the admin team in the school, in case of any other excuse you need to submit it to the dean to get approval

  • What is the procedure to due the field training? and can it be done during study semester? 

You can apply for companies directly and ask us if they need any proof so we can prepare it from our side 

You can’t have a conflict with your studying courses and working hours unless you provided a proof from the company that you’re working in certain shifts and it has no conflicts with your schedule, but in general it should be done in  between semesters and in vacation.