Translation students from the School of Applied Humanities and Languages of GJU participated in a medical mission organized by IMR-IMANA (Islamic Medical Association of North America Medical Relief) in cooperation with Jordanian-Syrian refugee Associations in February 2017. The mission aims to provide needy families and refugees with necessary medical services and medical supplies in different areas of the country.  

During the mission, which took place in Alzarqa (two days), random camps in Almafraq (one day), and Amman Wihdat camp (two days), more than three thousand patients benefited from the services, which varied between general, dental, gynecologic, and pediatric medical services.

The GJU translation students as well as graduates from the translation program and other majors were assigned a number of major-related tasks such as liaison interpreting between doctor and patient, triage, and other organizational tasks. The volunteering students experienced a unique working atmosphere that helped developing their professional skills as well as an inspiring humanitarian experience.

On the last day of the mission, the contribution of the volunteers and the medical staff of UMR was celebrated in a commencement organized by IMANA and hosting Syrian refugee associations. After volunteers received their certificates of participation, the director of development at IMR Dr. Abdulhakim Mohamed expressed his pleasure to see such a variety of young volunteers willing to participate in such humanitarian missions and thanked them for their effort hoping for further cooperation in the future.