Prof. Dr. Salah Al Salman
Full Professor
PHONE: +962 6 429 4444 Ext. 4702

Educational Background

Semitic Philology
Arabic Language & Literature

Selected Publications

2011 Ismacil, Amayreh,"The Three Radical Forms of that of Four Radical Forms: The B-Praifex as an Example",The Journal of the Faculty of Arts: Ayn Shams Uni,Fourth edition,2011
2008 ,"The redundant “Lam” in “Zaydal” and “Abdal”: A Comparative Study in Light of Arabic, Semitic, Greek Resources and Ancient writings",Jordanian Journal of Arabic Language and Literature ,4/3: 85-99.(In Arabic),2008
2007 ,"The (ifcaalla) Form and its variances in light of Arabic and Semitic languages",Journal of the Jordan Academy of Arabic,72: 117-161. (in Arabic),2007
2007 Omar, al-Guhl,"New Nabataean Inscriptions from Umm al-Jimāl",AAE 18: 251-257,2007
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2006 ,"Two Greek Inscriptions with the name YTWR from Umm al-Jimāl",PEQ 138/2: 125-132. ,2006
2006 Abu Jari, Adnan ,"The Phonetically System of Ma’an Dialect: A Comparative Study in light of Standard Arabic",The Journal of the Faculty of Arts,38: 135-168. az-Zaqazīq Uni. (in Arabic),2006
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2003 al-Hamad, M.,"A New Nabataean Inscription from Umm al-Jimāl",Journal of Semitic Studies,Vol. 40. no. 1: 29-34.,2003
1999 ,"Greek Inscriptions from Northern Jordanian Badia",Al al-Bayt University,Journal No. 56, in Arabic,1999
1998 ,"Field Study in the Inscriptions of the Badia Region of Northern Jordan",Al al-Bayt University,Journal No. 34, in Arabic,1998