The German-Jordanian University (GJU) is a public, comprehensive university devoted to academic distinction in teaching, research, and community service. The conduct of research, scholarship, and creative activities are at the core of The University, including multiple missions of education, research, service, and outreach to the nation, the region, and beyond. GJU is committed to advancing Jordan and the region through the benefits of higher education, offering undergraduate, master's, and Ph.D. programs as well as a variety of outreach and vocational training programs.

GJU is building a strong research profile, and its faculty has been active in many research funding projects nationally and internationally. The Deanship of Scientific Research (DSR) provides a variety of funding forms to exploit researchers’ interests, and they are:

  • Seed Grants
  • Complementary and Bridging Grants
  • Students’ Project and Thesis Grants
  • Publication Incentives
  • Conference Support Grants
  • Research Cluster Grants
  • RA Grant

DSR has funded many projects through its SEED Grant since it was established. The University's research areas revolve around medical applications, energy, water, and ICT. GJU is heading to become a pioneer research university; the figure below presents the increased number of publications over the last five years.

Figure 1 Number of publications by academic staff over the past five years.








Further, GJU supports the participation of the academic staff in national and international conferences to increase the participants' networking capabilities and inform them about the advancements in research and in industry. The Figure below exhibits the number of participating conferences and their locations.

Figure 2 School Participation in Conferences Over Academic Years









Figure 3 Conferences Places Over Academic Years








GJU prepares future leaders. It assists its students in reaching their potential. Students with different backgrounds are persuaded to explore the scope of various research areas. DSR contributes to students' research interests by financing their graduation projects and thesis and guiding them through the process.