The DSA hosted an event on the 6th of March, 2024 for Women's Day in Auditorium C. from 1130-230 pm with the presence of Mrs. Reham Makhlouf: Co-Founder & CEO, TV presenter & producer, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, certified trainer, Public Relations Director at Jordan Youth Innovation Forum, experienced Independent Businesswomen.

Panel Session: Rawan Ababneh & Rana Husseini

Rawan: MENA Expert in institutional/program management, builder of social movements with political mind, advocacy, economic, and social development with a specific focus on Gender Equality, diversity, WPS, Project Evaluation

Rana: Website:

A Jordanian journalist and human rights activist who exposed honour crimes in Jordan and campaigned for stronger legal penalties against perpetrators

 The event was sponsored by Bin Marouf Coffee House, Olvy.  Booths will be available.  they include:  Fairy Jewels, Sham's art booth, Wie (Gaza donation Booth), Bana's CD booth, Dimazign, Olvy Booth amongst other sponsors.