An awareness workshop on cybersecurity was held for students of the school of Applied Technical Sciences at GJU as part of the school’s activities, in coordination with Dr. Mariam Ibrahim and the National Center for Cybersecurity/Trainer Jumana Abuzaied.

The workshop focused on many important topics in the field of cybersecurity, such as basic concepts, cyber risks, and the methodology used to deal with them, in addition to the role of users in enhancing cybersecurity and increasing security awareness with regard to correct practices when dealing with e-mail and the Internet in general, to protect the institutions’ network from hacking. Maintaining the security of national information, presenting a scenario and simulation of some security incidents occurring in some government institutions and ministries, and discussing the causes and ways to prevent these incidents.

 The Center’s main roles in this field and the projects proposed by the Center in the field were also discussed. Raising the skills of graduates and students and building capabilities in the field of cybersecurity. The attendees interacted greatly with the topic due to its importance.