The German Jordanian University hosted the first Dual Studies Student Conference in the Middle East, bringing together Dual Studies students and academics from Jordan and Palestine for a day of inspiration and collaboration. The event featured a diverse range of sessions and discussions, highlighting the significance of this unique educational model.

The conference began with a distinguished opening ceremony, graced by insightful remarks and warm greetings from GJU President Prof. Dr. Alaaldeen Al-Halhouli, Dr. Andreas König, Country Director of Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, and Dr. Nidal Alshwawreh, the Dean of Innovation, Technology Transfer, and Entrepreneurship. These esteemed leaders underscored the global impact of Dual Studies.

A compelling panel discussion took center stage during the event, emphasizing the program's pivotal role in shaping future professionals. Notably, Yara Obeidat, a graduate from the first Dual Studies cohort, shared her success story, highlighting how Dual Studies enabled her to secure an internship in Germany and a job in Jordan after graduation. Rand Haddad, a current Dual Studies student, echoed these sentiments, emphasizing the positive impact of the training on her studies, while also noting that the success of the program largely depends on a student's attitude and commitment.

Eng. Saja Al-Khasawneh, a lecturer at GJU, and Suhaib Abzakh, People and Culture Manager at IKEA Jordan, provided insights into the Dual Study program from both academic and corporate perspectives.

The panel discussion also included interactive group discussions, bringing together students, alumni, and industry professionals. These discussions facilitated the exchange of ideas, personal experiences, and innovative suggestions, highlighting the collaborative spirit and shared commitment to knowledge and growth within the Dual Studies community. Dual Studies students from Palestine also participated, introducing their program and sharing their Dual Studies journey.

The conference also featured the honorable recognition of GJU Dual Studies graduates, who received certificates acknowledging their successful completion of the Dual Studies program.

One tangible outcome of the event was the announcement of the Dual Studies Student Club, aimed at fostering a sense of community among Dual Studies students.

This conference served as a platform for learning, networking, and a collective commitment to advancing education. Graduates are well prepared to make a significant impact in their respective industries and on the global stage.