The German Jordanian University hosted the German electric car team, at its Jabal Amman campus, that set off its tour from Geneva, Switzerland to Qatar to participate in the Geneva International Motor Show in Doha. The university’s president, Professor Dr. Ala’aldeen Al-Halhouli, and representatives from the German and Swiss embassies welcomed the team.


During the team's reception, Dr. Al-Halhouli mentioned that among the specializations of the Faculty of Applied Technical Sciences at the German Jordanian University is the Mechanics and Maintenance specialization, which has introduced a new track focusing on electric vehicles and smart transportation. This move reflects the university's belief in the importance of raising awareness about the use of electricity instead of fuel. The first batch of students for this track will be enrolled in the upcoming first semester of the academic year.


The team supervisor provided a briefing on the project, which involves traveling with two electric cars of the Volkswagen ID Buzz model, displaying with the logo and colors of the Geneva International Motor Show. The cars will cross two continents, three seas, and twelve countries on their way to Doha, in a journey spanning nearly 6500 kilometers, showcasing the technological capabilities of electric cars.


The meeting was attended by the Dean of the Faculty of Applied Technical Sciences, Professor Dr. Iyas Khadir, the Head of the Mechanics and Maintenance Department, Dr. Bashar Hamad, and several students from the department.