The School of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (SEEIT) and the Deanship of Innovation, Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship (DI-TECH) at the German Jordanian University, in cooperation with from the Hochschule Bremen- Germany, of Applied Sciences, hosted a scientific project in the field of robotics and wireless communication with the participation of 25 students from both universities supervised by Dr. Ala’ Khalifeh from SEEIT and from University of Bremen, Prof. Sören Peik, Prof. Martin Bertram and Ms. Birgit Averbeck.

The project, supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), aims to encouraging students to work jointly and remotely on a challenging problem that utilizes robotics and wireless communication technology. The students formed four different groups and proposed technical challenges that can be solved using multi-robots that coordinate between themselves to solve a certain challenge/problem.

In this regard, the Vice President for International Affairs Prof. Reiner Finkeldey, the dean of school of Electrical Eng. and Information Technology, Prof. Feras Alhawari, the dean of Innovation, Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship (DI-TECH), Dr. Nidal Alshwawreh, and the Director of the International Affairs Department, Mr. Jens Hegemann, met with the participants and stressed the importance of such collaborative activity between the students of the two universities.