The German Jordanian University organized an intensive German pre-course for 750 new students who began their studies in the first semester of the academic year 2023/2024. The course was taught by 39 German-as-a-Foreign-Language teachers from the GJU's German Language Centre. They used their methodical skills to get the rank beginners to conduct their first small dialogues in German or even act out German songs and rhymes within two weeks.


Moreover, 39 dedicated students from the advanced German courses were actively supported throughout the duration of the pre-course. They also gave valuable tips on how to successfully combine demanding studies at the GJU and learning German as a foreign language in parallel.


The pre-course is an important tool in the GJU curriculum to foster motivation to learn German and to build awareness of the German dimension at the university. All GJU students are required to take six consecutive German courses in preparation for a mandatory one-year study visit to Germany, consisting of one semester of study and a five-month internship.


The combination of a high-quality degree, international study and internship experience, and mastery of at least two foreign languages paves the way for GJU graduates to a professional future that offers opportunities not only in the regional but also in the international labor market.