The Visual Rehabilitation Center at the German Jordanian University organized an intensive training course on orientation and mobility for individuals with visual impairments, targeting professionals in the field of visual rehabilitation at the German Jordanian University, the University of Jordan, and two teachers from the Royal Academy for the Blind.


The two-week course, led by the German expert Gert Willumeit, specialized in orientation, mobility, and daily life skills for visually impaired individuals, and aimed to empower professionals in the field of visual rehabilitation and enhance their skills in orientation and mobility. This initiative is expected to improve the services provided to visually impaired individuals, making them more comprehensive and specialized.


The course, distinguished by numerous practical and hands-on exercises conducted under blindfold, emphasized discussions and sharing experiences among all parties on various topics. These included techniques for walking with a sighted guide indoors and outdoors, orienting within rooms and hallways, using the white cane systematically and effectively in different environments, navigating inside and outside buildings, and street and sidewalk orientation and mobility using the white cane. Additionally, the training addressed differences in orientation and mobility training between blind and visually impaired individuals.


This training course, part of a project implemented by the Visual Rehabilitation Center at the university and funded by the CBM organization, represents a significant step toward the university's contribution to serving the community and assisting visually impaired individuals in increasing their independence, integrating into society, and improving their quality of life.