The German Jordanian University, represented by the Director of Road Safety Center of Excellence (RSCE), Dr.-Ing. Farah AlAtrash, recently participated in the Third International Forum on urban-rural linkages held in Songyang, People's Republic of China, which is concerned with enhancing communication between urban and rural areas for better livelihoods for young people.

During the conference themes, which included resource distribution, development, and sustainable transport, Dr.-Ing. AlAtrash presented a study on the future of sustainable transport in Amman/Jordan and the objectives of the Traffic Safety Center in linking sustainable development such as sustainable cities and climate change to create safer, more accessible and environmentally friendly urban environments with a focus on sustainable transport systems.

She stressed the importance of prioritizing initiatives that would reduce traffic accidents, enhance the efficiency of public transport, reduce the negative environmental impact of urban mobility, raise awareness on smart cities technologies, and implement education and awareness programs to create cities that prioritize traffic safety and city sustainability.