The RTM project team from GJU won first place in the Tamayouz Graduation Projects Competition 2023 organized by the National Center for Innovation NCI with the support of the EU-funded InJo4.0 platform.

GJU’s President, Prof. Ala’aldeen Al-Halhouli, praised during a meeting of the project team the member’s efforts that resulted in the innovation of the device, indicating that this creativity is an essential and important step in their journey at GJU. Prof. Al-Halhouli also emphasized that GJU is fully prepared to embrace this project and any innovative ideas through the Deanship of Innovation, Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship (DI-TECH).

The idea of the innovation, which came under the title of EnviroMetric IoT Power Analyzer: Comprehensive Analysis for Sustainability Using Internet of Things (IoT) Technologies, revolves around the importance of the accurate examination and analysis of instantaneous electrical consumption and measuring temperature, humidity and water quantity in collection tanks.

The device, which was created by the student team Raneem Al-Oreidi, Mohammed Al-Ali and Tala Al-Kanani, and under the supervision of Prof. Zakariya Dalala and Dr. Osama Saadeh - Department of Energy Engineering and the participation of Eng. Wael Al-Eker from the Engineering Department and Eng. Baher Abu Sba', measures the amount of electricity consumption with great accuracy, calculates energy efficiency and quality in an advanced manner, and is characterized by a deep understanding of environmental challenges related to electrical consumption, and reflects the aspiration towards a new standard technology in electricity analysis and testing.