The President of the German Jordanian University, Professor Dr. Ala’aldeen Al-Halhouli, presided over the graduation ceremony of children who participated in the Kinder Uni program, also known as the 'Little Professor' program, organized by the Deanship of Student Affairs with the participation of 300 children from all over the kingdom.

During the ceremony, Dr. Al-Halhouli praised the students for their enthusiasm and determination to engage in programs that the university consistently organizes during the summer vacation to make the most of student's free time in a beneficial and productive manner.

He added that the Kinder Uni program, organized by the university for the second consecutive year and modeled after a similar German program, aims to graduate future scholars through interactive experiments and lectures in which the participants are trained.

Throughout the ceremony, parents and participants expressed their gratitude and appreciation to the university's administration for its initiative in implementing educational programs for children.

It's worth noting that the Kinder Uni included a variety of activities, including the 'Try Yourself' Festival, the Career Fair, Challenges and Solutions, Projects Exhibition, and the Interactive Theater.