On 8th of October, the German Jordanian University in collaboration with the Technical University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt organized the first meeting for the Hydrogen Technology Engineering students hosted by Würzburg-Schweinfurt university introducing them to the program, its study plan and to the pre-year’s course. Students have been also introduced to their professors from both universities.

Prof. Ala’aldeen Al-Halhouli, GJU’s president pointed out that this program is going to contribute in strengthening ties between Jordan and Germany, in bringing out positive outcomes for both countries, as well as providing graduates of this program with high employment opportunities. Prof. Achim Forster also stated that this agreement comes in alignment with the strategic partnership between GJU and THWS in internationalizing education and reinforcing the applied German foreign education project.

The head of the German Language Center, Jacqueline Rogler introduced the students to their German classes and motivated them to apply themselves in the language learning process. Additional meeting between THWS delegation and GJU’s representatives were held to fortify the cooperation and to ensure a successful future of GJU’s hosted program.

The hosted programs offer a unique studying experience in the Bachelor programs that starts at the German Jordanian University. In the fifth semester, the students will move to Germany to complete their studies at the THWS. As graduates of the hosted programs will hold a German degree, they must fulfill certain requirements regarding the qualification for admission to a German university. By law, Tawjihi and most other international school-leaving qualifications are not recognized as such qualification. The required German language skills are also usually lacking. For this reason, GJU has set up apre-year’s course for each of the hosted programs that, if successfully passed, can be to some extend counted towards the duration of the degree. It also provides the language skills required for the first admission level at B1. Successfully completing this pre-year will allow students to register at THWS.