The German Jordanian University and Jadara University signed a memorandum of understanding for the aim of enhancing and developing joint cooperation between each other in the academic, scientific and German language teaching aspects.

The memorandum, signed on behalf of GJU, its president, Prof. Ala’aldeen Al-Halhouli, and on behalf of Jadara University’s president, Prof. Habes Al-Zaboun, included Dissemination of joint scientific research and the implementation of academic activities such as conducting studies and researches, holding seminars and workshops and training courses in coordination between the language centers in both universities.

Al-Halhouli, for his part, stressed on the importance of building partnerships between Jordanian universities and deepening them to enable them to serve the entire country, expressing the GJU’s intrest in cooperating with Jadara in the dual studies program, the German language and training programs for students for the aim of increasing their employment opportunities after graduation in the local and German markets in particular.

In turn, Al-Zaboun pointed out that Jadara University is keen, within its strategic plan, to update its specializations and educational programs by keeping pace with the development in the field of university education, pointing out that the memorandum establishes a phase of close cooperation with the German Jordanian University.

The signing ceremony was attended by the vice presidents and directors of the language center of the two universities as well as a number of deans of faculties.