The German Jordanian University and the Ministry of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) supporting the training and employment programs provided by the ministry through the Youth, Technology and Jobs Project (YTJ) in cooperation with the Digital Skills Cooperation. The memorandum signed by Prof. Ala’aldeen Al-Halhouli and the Minister of Digital Economy and Entrepreneurship Mr. Ahmad Al-Hanandeh aims to qualify university’s students to work in the telecommunication sector and in the information technology by reinforcing training and employment programs for expected graduates and alumni. The memorandum also included that the ministry is going to supply specialized training programs for graduates through the digital skills association, for the purpose of equipping them with the required digital skills to be able to meet the labor’s market needs and providing them with internationally accredited professional certificates from different training programs offered by many international companies such as Microsoft and Amazon Web Services after passing the required tests. Al-Hanandeh stressed on the importance of investing in GJU’s resources and its relations with the German aspect as a connection between Jordan and Germany in terms of employment and on attracting German companies to Jordan, praising on GJU’s achievements in adding a German company at its main campus in Al-Mashqar. Al-Halhouli indicated that GJU won’t hesitate to contribute in supporting any governmental efforts in attracting German companies to Jordan that would raise the recruitment and the investment rate.