The School of Applied Medical Science (SAMS) at the German Jordanian University held its annual network meeting at The Applied University of RheinMain.


The meeting was attended by several academics from six German universities (namely HS Albstadt Sigmaringen, THW Dresden, BTH Berlin, TU Chemnitz, and HS Bielefeld ). While GJU was represented by SAMS`s exchange coordinators  Dr. Jumana Ma'touq (from the Biomedical Engineering department) and Dr. Mohammad  Khanfar (from the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering department), Prof. Samer Al-Gharabli, dean of scientific research at GJU and the network coordinator Iris Wildfeuer from the International Affairs Department.


During the meeting, the Exchange Coordinators presented their department's updates; this was followed by an insight into GJU´s research activities with a special focus on research clusters, by Prof. Dr. Al-Gharabli. In continuation, Mr. Banjamin Schmähling head of the DAAD office in Amman, joined the meeting online to present the various funding opportunities by the DAAD. The participants also discussed future opportunities for collaboration, a summer school project, and student exchange options on the master’s level. The new GJU- THWS (applied university Würzburg-Schweinfurt) hosted programs were also part of the discussions, especially the major in hydrogen technology.

The host Prof. Dr. Bernd Schweizer facilitated a visit to the laboratories at HSRM for the network. Concluding the first day of the network meeting was an online update from Dr. Mohammad Al- Al-Zaatreh regarding the GJU nursing major which will start in October 2023.

On the second day of the network meeting Prof. Dr. Reiner Finkeldey, GJU Vice President for International Affairs, presented updates that GJU had undergone since 2022, including the new study programs GJU will offer and envisioned strategies for the new TNE phase starting from 2024.