This year's network meeting of the School of Applied Technical Sciences (SATS) was held in Ernst-Abbe-Hochschule Jena (EAH Jena), Germany from October 26th to 27th, 2023. The exchange coordinators from the three departments of SATS, Dr. Sameer Al-Dahidi from Mechanical and Maintenance Engineering (MECH), Dr. Sahar Qadan from Mechatronics Engineering (ME), and Dr. Maysa from Industrial Engineering (IE) attended the network meeting. Dr. Sahar Qadan (GJU) served as the moderator for the meeting.

Different German partner universities, such as HS Trier, HS Schmalkalden, HS Mannheim, TH Ulm, HS Stralsund, and EAH Jena were represented in person to join the discussions. The German partner institutions whose representatives traveled to EAH Jena in person to participate in the meeting. The SATS network meeting emphasized topics for discussion, such as courses at host universities, GJU research clusters, opportunities for GJU exchange programs, and the provision of the network members with a general update on departments at SATS and their study plans.

Prof. Dr. Reiner Finkeldey, GJU Vice President for International Affairs, joined online the network meeting for an update on GJU developments of the last year. Prof. Finkeldey thanked all the participants for their ongoing efforts and cooperation with GJU. The Program mobility and Partnership coordinator Eng. Nedal Alsmarat from the International Affairs Department (IAD) and Mr. Tony Kranz from the GJU Project Office at HS Magdeburg-Stendal, were also present and supported the SATS network meeting.

An online meeting took place with the faculty members of SATS who are interested in establishing cooperation with colleagues at the German partners on mutual research topics, such as e-fuel, green energy, and hydrogen production. Additionally, they explored the possibility of joining the exchange programs available at GJU.

On the second day of the network meeting, a session was held by Dr. Nidal Alshawawreh, Dean of the Deanship of Innovation, Technology Transfer, and Entrepreneurship (DI-TECH), discussed the establishment of the deanship, its different departments, and the main services that are offered. An online meeting with some of our current GJU students from the SATS majors in some universities in Germany shared their feedback and the main challenges that they are facing and how to deal with them was discussed. Many other discussions between the network participants were also carried out, such as expanding the exchange student cooperation between GJU and the partner universities, a potential double degree between GJU and HS Schmalkalden for the MECH and ME departments, and new study plans.

The network members also had the opportunity to take part in an industry visit to "ZEISS Jena," an international manufacturing company that operates in the optics and optoelectronics industries. This visit marked the end of two productive days of networking and discussions, and it fostered hopes for ongoing communication and collaboration in the year 2024.