Through the Scopus author profiles as of September 2023, Stanford University released the latest world top 2% scientists in several scientific fields. Among this list, the following four GJU faculty members were featured:

 1. Professor Raed Mesleh

2. Dr Dia Zeidan

3. Professor Osamah Badarneh

4. Dr Aiman Albatayneh

 This prestigious acknowledgment serves as a testament to the exceptional contributions and influential research carried out by these renowned scholars in their respective fields. Their unwavering dedication, profound expertise, and relentless commitment to advancing the frontiers of knowledge have not only garnered them international acclaim but have also significantly elevated the reputation and standing of our institution.

The profound impact of their research extends far beyond the confines of our university and enriches the global academic landscape. Their groundbreaking work has not only inspired fellow scholars but has also profoundly enriched the academic community. Moreover, it has propelled the boundaries of knowledge forward. This recognition stands as a testament to their extraordinary dedication and underscores the caliber of talent and expertise that our beloved university is privileged to have among its esteemed faculty members.