On Sunday, the 17th of this month, the electronic newspaper "Jordan News" published an article praising the success story of Adnan Al-Tahat, a Mechanical and Maintenance Department graduate at the Faculty of Applied Technical Sciences at the German-Jordanian University. The article highlighted the mobile application called "Bassi" which was developed by Al-Tahat, and aims to address the challenges and problems faced by students and parents, especially bus schedules, by managing school bus routes to transport students and improving and organizing their routes.


The application proved its effectiveness in saving 20 to 25 minutes of travel time on each route through testing on transport buses for several schools. Adnan Al-Tahat was inspired to develop the application from his personal experience as a student, aiming to reduce wasted time and avoid delays, especially in the early morning.


Al-Tahat expressed his gratitude to the German-Jordanian University and the Jordan River Foundation for the guidance and technical support he received in managing the project and entering the job market. He also aspires to develop further the application and the technology used in it to serve the specific requirements of each school and its transportation routes.