The Jordanian Nursing Council in cooperation with the School of Nursing at The German Jordanian University with support of the World Health Organization (WHO) organized a training workshop about mental health and social support, in participation of 24 students from the School of Nursing at GJU.


The workshop that was facilitated by the Vice Dean of the School of Nursing Dr. Mayada A.Daibes and Head of Nursing Sciences Dr. Muhammad Al- Zaatreh is deemed a continuation of the national activities that is done within the mental health promotion projects entitled: "Strengthen Mental Health at the Secondary Level, To Improve Access to Services and; To Facilitate the Downsizing of the Standalone Psychiatric Hospital: Third Phase". And in pursuance of the national mental health plan 2022-2026.


The workshop that was presented by Dr. Ayman Al-Mansour a community health nursing professor at the Nursing School, included an explanation about mental health concept, its meaning, the meaning of psychological well-being, psychological stress, its forms, and ways to cope with general and academic stress.  The workshop also included a clarification about self-care concept and methods of enhancing mental health.


Dr. Mansour pointed out that mental health well-being means positive interactions with the others, social acceptance, complacency and positive overview of one’s self, surroundings and the future.