The Vision Rehabilitation Center at the German-Jordanian University participated in the open day event titled 'Day of Joy,' organized by the “Lady of Peace” Center. This day aims to be an entertaining, educational, and social solidarity event, aimed at bringing joy to children with various disabilities and integrating them into society.


The participation of the Vision Rehabilitation Center included providing free medical and awareness consultations to parents, caregivers, and service providers for children from the local community. The visual rehabilitation specialist, Maisaa Masoud, conducted visual assessments for children with different disabilities and provided advice and recommendations to parents and caregivers. Additionally, several cases were referred to the Vision Rehabilitation Center for a comprehensive assessment in the center's clinic to receive complete visual rehabilitation services and necessary assistive devices if the child needed them.


It is worth mentioning that the comprehensive rehabilitation services provided by the center are free and supported through a project funded by the CBM organization. Dr. Naseem Al-Naaman, the project coordinator, also participated in this event.


This participation is part of the ongoing mission of the center and the German-Jordanian University to serve the community, especially people with visual impairments. The center aims to create an inclusive and supportive environment to improve their quality of life and enhance their independence.