Fostering bonds with business partners for THWS Hosted Programmes at GJU

GJU’s strategic partner Technical University of Applied Sciences Wuerzburg Schweinfurt (THWS) paid a visit to GJU at the end of November. The delegation consisted of a group of students from the disciplines of Social Work and Hydrogen Engineering, a professor in the field of Hydrogen Engineering as well as various media and marketing experts. They were led by the THWS Campus GATE team who travelled to GJU to further expand on marketing activities for the two Hosted Programmes at GJU in the field of Hydrogen Engineering and Social Work.

While Hydrogen Engineering Professor Arnulf Hörtnagl and the student group had a mixed programme including visiting the two GJU campus in Mushaqar and Amman and various companies in the energy and NGO sector, the media team concentrated on marketing activities, such as interviews and video clips with business partners of both professions related to the Hosted Programmes. 

Among the visited and interviewed representatives were energy companies such as Manaseer Oil & Gas, Kawar Energy and the Business Development Center (BDC). Mr. Hanna Zaghloul, CEO of Kawar Energy, explained to the students how the future of the Jordanian energy market will focus highly on hydrogen, based also on that fact that solar energy for green hydrogen production is available in Jordan all year round. The students further received a tour of the company including an explanation on current projects and a look at the control center for various energy measurements.

Furthermore, NGOs such as the Collateral Repair Project, Princess Taghrid Institute (PTI) and Mouwasat Hospital (Medicines sans Frontières) were interviewed about the need of skilled social workers with an international work experience and the benefits of highly trained future graduates of the Hosted Programme Social Work. At Médecins Sans Frontières the students were given a tour of the Mouwasat Hospital, which emphasizes holistic treatment and offers patients intensive psychological care. So far, there is only one social worker at the hospital, which underlines the importance of the Hosted Programme.

The highlight of this successful week was a central event hosted at GJU SABE Campus on Wednesday, 29th November 2023 aiming at informing about the Hosted Programmes and fostering the bond and exchange with business partners in the fields of Hydrogen Engineering and Social Work. Additionally, it allowed for the GJU students of the first Hydrogen Engineering batch to mingle with the THWS students and industry representatives from the Jordanian energy sector. Dr. Monica Heitz, director of the Campus GATE team stated about the evening: “This visit and the event strengthen the bond between the hydrogen students and future students of THWS with the current THWS incoming batch. We are happy to have taken the first step towards THWS and GJU interlinkage for the students and will continue to do so through monthly information sessions on cultural, societal and general topics in preparation of their time in Germany starting in the upcoming year 2024.”