On Thursday, 9th of November, the Visual Rehabilitation Center (VRC) at the German Jordanian University visited the Abdullah Ben Umm Maktoum School for the Blind and Visually Impaired (Royal Academy for the Blind), accompanied by specialists participating in the comprehensive training course in visual rehabilitation. The visit aimed to introduce participating specialists at this training course to the various school departments and services offered by for those with visual disabilities, whether they are blind or visually impaired. The Director of the Academy, Dr. Najah Al-Khalayleh, graciously welcomed the lecturers and participants from the Visual Rehabilitation Center, where practical training was coordinated and arranged for the specialists participating in the training course, part of which will take place in cooperation with the Department of Visual Rehabilitation for the Visually Impaired at the Royal Academy for the Blind.

This comprehensive training course focuses on qualifying visually impaired people, including a full assessment of visual functions, calculating the magnification needed, the supporting visual aids and training on visual skills. It also includes rehabilitation topics for people with visual disabilities, such as early intervention, education and integration, orientation and mobility, and self-reliance skills. All of these topics are addressed through theoretical materials, practical exercises by using a blindfold and simulation goggles, practical application at the Royal Academy for the Blind, and attending clinic hours at the Visual Rehabilitation Center, which contributes to participants obtaining sufficient information to be able to serve people with visual impairment, improving their quality of life and integrating them into society.