NEW Call for Student Applications for Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility Program (ICM )

Last updated: 15.08.2022









The Call for Applications for the second semester/summer term 2023 for German Seats is open now!

DEADLINE: 27th August 2022, 11:59 pm Jordanian Time

Please note that the English version is the only official version. The Arabic version serves as a guide. The International Affairs Department works exclusively with the English version. 


Program Description 


Erasmus+ is the European Union’s (EU) funding program for education and training between 2021 and 2027. The Erasmus+ program builds on the achievements of 30 years of European programs in the fields of education, training, and youth.


The German Jordanian University has successfully established several partnerships with distinguished universities all over Europe under the Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility (ICM). It encourages the student to study and work in Europe. It promotes trans-national co-operation projects among Universities across European countries.

The Erasmus+ program provides GJU students with the opportunity to spend one semester at one of our partner universities. The program supports students with a monthly scholarship that covers living expenses for up to five months as well as a travel allowance. More details about what you can expect from your home University and the receiving University at each step of your mobility, and rights and obligations as ERASMUS students you will find in the Erasmus Student Charter


Who can apply?

All GJU undergraduate students who start their German Year in spring 2023 can apply now to participate in Erasmus+ International Credit Student Mobility (check list of partners below!). All partner universities require proficiency in English.



The Erasmus+ scholarship call for applications is opened now for students who will do their German Year in the summer term 2023.  A second call for applications for European Seats will open in October 2022. The call in October is open for all undergraduate students that have studied three full years by the start of the mobility at the summer term 2023 


BEFORE applying for German seats: 

  • Students are required to choose from the ERASMUS+ Partner Universities list a suitable University that offers mobility programs acknowledged by their school. Assistance in the process can be given either by the exchange coordinator of each GJU school or the dean.


  • Students are responsible to find max. 2 courses taught in English and the rest must be in German language, that match their study plan and will be recognized after their return to GJU. Again, assistance is given by either the exchange coordinators or the head of the department. 


  • For the course's recognition, students are asked to contact their exchange coordinators/officers or dean at their schools to discuss the recognition and the equivalency of the potential courses abroad. 


  • Erasmus+ requests the students to have a workload of a minimum of 18 ECTS for their ERASMUS+ semester abroad unless the partner university has another workload requirement which should be considered. Thus, we advise the students to plan between 25-30 ECTS in case one or two courses are failed. Additionally, the German Year study plan must match as well. 
  • Read through the FAQ!


How to apply? A step-by-step application guide:




  1. The first step is to check your German Year eligibility!
  2. The second step is to check the courses at your preferred partner University and that match your major and your study plan. Under Partner Universities you can browse through all the Partner Universities. Mobility offers are for the summer term 2023 (semester starts approx. February 2023). You can name a first and second choice for your host University.  All partner Universities require proficiency in English (min. B1).


  • The third step is to prepare your documents. The application needs to include the following documents: 




  1. Application form. Please click here!
  2. Transcript of Record
  3. Updated CV 
  4. Language Certificate English and/or German (optional) 
  5. Letter of motivation in English (one page) 

The letter should state: 

  • Why you choose the partner University that you picked? 
  • What do you wish to improve by studying a semester abroad? 
  • How do you intend to improve?
  • How do you intent to inform others about your Erasmus+ experience?  

You apply through the above mentioned Microsoft form and upload all your documents there. Please fill in the requested questions carefully and upload the required documents in PDF format.


Erasmus+ Scoring Criteria

There are four criteria on which the students are assessed on; each criterion is weighed on a different level. There are also two aspects set by the assessment center that will play a role in students’ ranking; the  formal aspect (application documents) and the performance of the students during the meeting  at the assessment center. A scholarship committee will review the students documents and rate their performance at the assessment center meeting in order to find suitable candidates at each stage. The weights/points assigned to each criterion are defined and approved by the International Affairs Department and the Presidency. The table below describes each criterion in details;

Erasmus+ Scoring Criteria Points /Weight (from Total Estimation)

Formal Aspects;

  • Academic Merit Scoring (GPA)
  • CV; quality, and experience
  • Letter of intent; grammar, structure and especially the content

60% including:

  • 80% weighed
  • 10%
  • 10%
Performance during the meeting at the assessment center



After the deadline has passed, your application will undergo a selection procedure. Suitable candidates who belong to the top academic ranking in their cohort at each major will be invited to a meeting with GJU  Assessment Committee unless there are fewer applicants than required (in ration to the available seats). The results will be communicated to the candidates in due time via GJU email.


If you need feedback on your application or you are not satisfied with the result, kindly refer to the International Office Students' Complaint Policy section.



Be sure to submit your completed application before Saturday, 27th of August, 11:59 pm Jordanian Time.  Applications after the deadline will not be accepted.



Suitable candidates for the German seats will receive an invitation e-mail to the assessment center latest Wednesday, 31th of August 2022.

The assessment center appointments for German seats are planned on the 4th and 5th of September 2022. 


Please read through the FAQ and Rules and Regulations carefully!!!


For questions regarding the Erasmus+ program or further inquiries please refer to the following contact person at the International Affairs Department for assistance:


Ari Kehr

Scholarship Coordinator

Building F, Office 017