The goal of event management at GJU is to deliver a holistic event planning and management strategy to the university, guaranteeing the success and lasting impact of events for students, faculty, and the broader community, aligning with GJU's strategic vision.
The event management team's primary objective is to offer essential services and assistance for hosting various events and activities at the university. This website serves as a valuable resource for accessing information about upcoming and recently concluded events. Furthermore, it facilitates the planning of your event in a seamless, efficient, and user-friendly manner, ensuring that all relevant parties are well-informed.

We invite you to enjoy the experience and make the most of our services.

Upcoming Events

The Sustainable Development Leadership conference
Main Campus | Madaba
Independence Day Celebration
Main Campus | Madaba
German Week 2024

Recent Events

CV and Resume Writing Session
Main Campus | Madaba
Drones Flying Event (Employees)
Main Campus | Madaba
Eye Day
Main Campus | Madaba