The International Accounting department offers a unique student experience through the international aspect of educating students in both Jordan and Germany, and constantly dealing hands-on with international accounting legislation.

The International Accounting degree equips students with knowledge in a variety of subjects, including all aspects of accounting, in particular legislation according to International Accounting Standards and US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Students shall be trained to work in several areas of accounting, such as financial reporting, controlling, auditing and financial consultancy.

Program Objectives

  •  To develop an understanding of the importance of financial reporting to the interested users.
  •  To provide technical accounting and finance skills.
  •  To make students familiar with the internationally accepted accounting standards.
  •  To enhance quantitative, problem solving and communication skills.
  •  To prepare students to gain internationally-recognized certification.
  •  To train students locally and internationally for a career in the broad area of accountancy.



Forensic accounting is a specialized area of accountancy that encompasses a wide range of services. These services are commonly divided into two components: litigation services and investigation.

The forensic accountant may provide several services, including: -

fraud detection,


and deterrence

It is obvious that forensic accounting demands different skills from those employed by a traditional accountant. In addition to core accounting skills, forensic accountants must have knowledge of the judicial process (the legal environment) and the underlying concepts of evidence, discovery, and legally sufficient opinions. 

Job Opportunities:

The public sector:

The income and sales tax department, and other different regulatory agencies like the Jordanian Integrity and Anti-Corruption Commission, Audit Bureau, Jordan Securities Commission, Central Bank of Jordan, and Company Control Department.

In the private sector:

 Various companies may hire a forensic accountant as an internal auditor or compliance officer. CPA consulting firms also need this qualification for different positions: external auditor, valuation analyst, expert witness, consulting expert, and fraud investigator. Additionally, insurance companies may hire a forensic accountant as a claim examiner and fraud investigator.


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