Amman- 6 October 2022

September 22, 2022 marked the end of this year’s practical phase for Dual Studies students. A total of 105 students from 10 majors were trained in 65 companies. Compared to the previous year, the number of participants has almost doubled. Despite this growth rate, GJU has managed to improve the quality of support provided to students by adopting new and improved regulations. For example, the practical training is now recognized academically as a 3-credit hours load.

This year some students even expressed their interest in continuing their training during their free time. “At the end of September, we will have the closing of books in my organization, I would really like to be there and learn how this is done.” says one of the second-year International Accounting Dual Studies students. Her partner company was excited to hear this, because every hand helps during this critical time. The student has proved that she is an asset to company by taking on tasks while the accountant was on vacation.

The students also benefited from the redesigning of the core courses to be more applied and relevant to their training phase. In the Quality Control course in the Industrial Engineering Department, three students examined the quality of customer service at one of the partner companies and discovered that while the process of handling simple error messages is very well established in the company, the processing time for more complex problems is often too long. Together with their professor, the students analyzed this and concluded that better training of the customer service staff would be a major changing factor. The students presented their work to the partner company which expressed an interest to take it further. For third-year students, this was a remarkable achievement and shows the value of Dual Studies as an effective educational model.

Dual Studies team at GJU has received astonishing feedback regarding the performance of students. One of the many positive responses received was the following message: “The level of commitment, discipline, and the willingness to support and learn is really very very high, not only compared to students, but also fresh graduates or even candidates with some experience. The student has strong communication and intercultural skills, which was been proved by building his connections within our organization very professionally”.

Congratulations to all students who finished their practical phase successfully this year! This was not possible without the great support from our 65 partners. Thank you all for providing the best training experience to our students. See you again in 2023!

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