Dear newly admitted students at the GJU,
We welcome you to your German pre-course, which is compulsory to register in "German I" (GERL101B1) at GJU. The pre-course will take place from 10th  to 21st  of September in person on GJU's main campus. The course hours are daily from 9:00 to 14:00 (3 lectures a day).
We accept late entry to the pre-course due to new registrations up to 10:00 on the first and second day of the course. For late registration please contact the Admission and Registration Department in Building G or the Open House in Building L ground floor of the main campus.
Please note that you may be absent for a maximum of 1.5 days (4.5 lectures) in order not to be excluded from the course.

The required course material is "Momente A1.1" from Hueber publishing house. Please purchase the A1.1 text and workbook (Momente A1.1 Kursbuch and Momente A1.1 Arbeitsbuch) in print version and the digital interactive book edition (eBundle) ahead of the pre-course. The books and access codes for the digital book edition can be purchased from the Bookshop “Pen & Pencil” at Backyard Mall, Opposite the University (Tel.: 0796016130), or "Utopia" in Amman (Tel.: 0791172840 or 065686667) (Location: ), for a special GJU package price. The books can be also delivered to homes within Amman for a delivery fee.


These books will be used in the pre-course and the “German I” course.
Students who have already passed a recognized language certificate or who prove their German language skills through a placement test can be exempted from German courses at GJU. Original language certificates must be presented at the time of enrollment at GJU in Office 209 in Building L. The placement test for students with German language knowledge but without acquired certificates will take place on September 12th. Please register for the placement test with your e-mail address and phone number until September 10th at the German Language Center (GLC). After successful registration for the placement test, you will receive detailed information about the test.
Students who already took a “German I” course in the 2nd semester of the academic year 2022/2023 at GJU without having passed it, can enter “German I” without retaking the pre-course.
The timetables and stops for the GJU buses will be published on the GJU website. We wish you all a successful start for the new academic year 2023/2024 and are very much looking forward to seeing you in our German courses.
German Language Center (GLC)