Amman- 1 March 2023

The Deanship of Innovation, Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship - DI-TECH announced on Monday, 06.02.2023 that they have reached 75 partners in the Dual Studies program. At the same day the Crown Prince Foundation and the Housing Bank both signed an agreement to support and host Dual Studies students this year 2023, marking the 74th and 75th partner for this thriving program. This achievement reflects the GJU's commitment to linking higher education in Jordan with an applied dimension.

GJU has first launched the Dual Studies program in 2018 as a specialized track to bridge the gap between theoretical education and practical experience. The success of this program remains primarily reliant on the acquisition of private sector partners. Partners like the Housing Bank and Crown Prince Foundation who are willing to host and train students are the driving force behind offering this track.

In the past five years the number of companies joining has expanded constantly reaching now 75. This remarkable progress was reflected in the number of majors covered by the Dual Studies track, which now amounts to 13. On his part, the President of the University, Prof. Ala'aldeen Al-Halhouli, expressed his appreciation for this achievement. It reflects the will of the GJU to enter into binding cooperation with the private sector and thus to play a leading role in Jordan when it comes to designing study programs in such a way that they meet the requirements of the private sector. He also explained: “The sustained success of this program requires the joint commitment of students, professors and our partner companies. I am very grateful for any company that is willing to cooperate with us and become part of the change in higher education - a change towards true application-oriented higher education.”

The Dean for Innovation, Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship – DI-TECH, Dr. Nidal AlShwawreh stated that for him dual study is the future of higher education. He explained: “At a time when any piece of information can be found on the Internet in a matter of seconds and artificial intelligence can write entire papers, it will become increasingly important for universities to move away from purely conveying factual knowledge and instead to teach students how they can apply knowledge. A partnership with the private sector is invaluable for this. From the first year, our students learn how to put their knowledge to use.

Building a bright future for Jordan’s youth by inspiring and driving their engagement to improve community wellbeing, as well as leadership, employability and entrepreneurship, citizenship, technical and vocational education, innovation and socioeconomic opportunities, is the main concern of the Crown Prince Foundation. ‘Against this background, participation in the dual study program at GJU is a matter close to our hearts.’ Stated Dr. Tamam Mango, CEO of CPF, ‘not only we see it as an investment in the countries future workforce, we also like to support young talents in their career.’

Ibtissam El-Ayoubi, Housing Bank’s Chief Operating Officer, added, “Education is the foundation of success, and that’s why we firmly believe that it is crucially important for the private sector to take initiative in educating Jordan’s youth and providing opportunities for practical experience. On a parallel track, we also belief that hosting dual studies student will also benefit employers, as highly educated individuals contribute to drive development and growth. On a business level, when a company invests in education, it ensures both its own and employees’ success.”

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