The Road Safety Center of Excellence at the German Jordanian University, in cooperation with the Jordanian Traffic Institute in the Public Security Directorate, organized an educational symposium, sharing awareness on the new traffic laws in Jordan.

The director of the center, Dr. Farah Al-Atrash, pointed out the importance of road safety considering that it is one of the most important challenges facing our Jordanian society nowadays due to its depletion of human and financial resources, and the fact that the global trend of all international institutions and organizations emphasizes on the necessity of adhering to national policies and programmes that aims to ensure road safety, in addition to the necessity of amending and establishing institutional legislation that regulates the work in this field.

The institute's representative stated that the increase in the number of traffic accidents, violations and crowding in cities is a reason for modifying the applicable traffic law, in a way that ensures achieving the highest levels of traffic security, preserving lives and property.

He also presented traffic studies that was prepared by the Public Security Directorate, which included various traffic numbers and statistics, that showed the most important traffic violations, through which as a result caused an increase of the penalties or was added in the amended legislation, along with a clarification of the traffic points system, how they are calculated, and what results from their accumulation.

The Traffic Safety Center's strategy focuses on the combined efforts of all concerned to achieve a country free of deaths and injuries caused by road accidents.