GJU’s President Prof. Ala’aldeen Al-Halhouli, encouraged the Outgoing Students Spring 2023 leaving to Germany and starting their obligatory German Year 2024 to be the best ambassadors for Jordan, its culture and ancient history, and to be productive in their society.

He added during his participation in the farewell ceremony, organized by the International Affairs Department (IAD) in the presence of the Vice President for International Affairs and a representative of the German Embassy, that the experience of spending a full academic year in Germany will have appositive impact on their lifes, enabling them to serve and shape their country’s future.

Prof. Al-Halhouli expressed his appreciation to all those who contribute to facilitating the German Year for students, especially the German Embassy in Amman, the (DAAD) and the Department of International Affairs.

A number of speeches, in addition to several presentations which were made about studying and living in Germany were given during the ceremony.

 The number of outgoing students is estimated at about (300) students.