Under the patronage of the Minister of Culture Ms. Haifa Al-Najjar; Ebtikar Innovation for Creativity Development Association organized the graduation ceremony for the seventh Scientific Camp in collaboration with the German Jordanian University, and in the presence of GJU President, Prof. Ala'aldeen Al- Halhouli.

During the ceremony, Al-Najjar said that Jordan's leadership and government lend great importance to education and innovation and encourage the creativity potential of youth, as they are the future of Jordan, stressing the ministry's support for innovative or cultural projects that will contribute to Jordan’s development. Al-Najjar appreciated the role of the German Jordanian University in supporting initiatives that promote innovation and capacity development, as well as the programs offered by the Ebtekar Association in this regard.


The President of GJU, Dr. Ala'aldeen Al- Halhouli, said in his speech that one of the most important objectives of the University, like other universities, is to serve and communicate with the community, noting that the University has established the Deanship of Innovation in 2021, which encourages innovation. Al- Halhouli also pointed out that the GJU had graduated 150 young innovation ambassadors, bedsides the launch of the “Kinder Uni” program that fosters children from the age of 8 to 12 years in scientific courses.

He added that the seventh scientific camp program, in partnership with the Ebtikar Association and the Finnish Centre for Science and Technology Education "LUMA", had been marked by joining teachers alongside the students on campus; which broke the barriers of classrooms, developing the capabilities and opening new prospects for the future.

For her part, the President of the Ebtikar Association for the Development of Creativity, Ms. Surya Ayyad, pointed out that the Association's motto is to invest in humans, as it seeks to create a bright future for children and youth, noting the support of the Ministry of Culture for the Association's projects and initiatives.

The Director of the LUMA Centre – Finland Dr. Maya Axila thanked the University and the Association for their efforts to make scientific camps successful, in particular this seventh version, and the interest of the University and the Association in this “STEM” method that stimulates innovation and creativity.

During the ceremony, a short film about the camp events was screened, and a dialogue was held where teachers, students, and engineers, including participants from Algeria, spoke about their experience and the benefits they had gained.

At the end of the ceremony, Al- Najjar, Dr. Al- Halhouli, and Ayad handed graduation certificates to the participants. Al- Najjar also gave Dr. Axila a tribute certificate. The Minister of Culture received a tribute certificate from the camp's organizers.