The President of German Jordanian University, Prof. Dr. Ala’aldeen Al-Halhouli, patronized the closing ceremony of the "My Right to Learn" initiative, which was launched by the university as part of the first Summer Club held on its Jabal Amman campus, for students from the Al-Abdaliyah School.

"My Right to Learn" Initiative is carried out under a cooperation agreement between the university and the Ministry of Education, aiming to develop Al-Abdaliyah school as a pioneering public institution.

In his speech, the university president emphasized that the university’s profound commitment to community service, to achieve positive impact and change, especially in the youth sector. He stressed that the youth play a pivotal role in nation building and that their future is of utmost importance.

The head of the initiative committee and Assistant to the President for Campus Affairs, Mr. Abdulhakim Arabiat, highlighted the various aspects of the initiative, as It aimed to develop students’ knowledge through lessons in scientific and linguistic subjects. It also introduced them to new skills like drawing and computer usage, and strengthen national identity.

Ms. Hanin Muqdad, speaking on behalf of participating students' parents, expressed their gratitude for the university and its dedicated team, acknowledging the positive impact the initiative had on their children's lives and skill development.

The ceremony concluded with the distribution of certificates to participating students and recognition of the participating and supporting entities by the university president. The supporting entities for this initiative were the Arab Potash Company, Engineer Taher Al-Shakhshir, Zaha Cultural Center, Dr. Rana Al-Barghouthi, as well as the university's students and graduates who contributed to the initiative's execution.