The German Jordanian University participated in a political workshop organized by the Politics and Society Institute within the # SEYASOYMETER project for deans of student affairs in the Jordanian public universities, with the aim of evaluating the progress of work in student party activities and the preparatory stage for the elections of student unions.

The Minister of Higher Education, Dr. Azmi Mohafazah, stressed during his sponsorship of the workshop that the definition of the system of party activities is to encourage and develop partisan activities in universities, in a way that ensures providing a safe space and freedom of participation in these activities, and at the same time does not harm the educational process and ensures the neutrality of universities as incubators for student activity and not a party to it.

For her part, the Dean of Student Affairs (DSA) at GJU, Dr. Thelal Oweis, explained the instructions of the Student Parliament that were recently established at the university, which were prepared in accordance with the Jordanian election system for the aim of facilitating students’ engagement in the electoral process.

Dr. Oweis, Dr. Badr Madi, and Eng. Ahmed Arabiyat represented GJU in this workshop.