Student Noor Daqqa from the School of Architecture and Built Environment (SABE) at the German Jordanian University won first place in the 6th competition for interior design students in Jordanian universities. The competition, organized by the Jordan Interior Design Association (JIDA) in collaboration with IKEA, focused on designing an environmentally sustainable house.

Noor Daqqa's project, supervised by faculty member Arch. Tala Awadallah, stood out for its adherence to sustainability standards in buildings. The project emphasized operational energy efficiency, featuring an interior space centered on a fireplace and central chimney that provides heating during winter and enhances cooling ventilation efficiency during summer. Additionally, the project incorporated locally sourced and recyclable building materials.

The design also prioritized water conservation, minimized emissions of greenhouse gases, reduced operational costs, improved indoor air quality, ensured a healthy environment for occupants, and utilized both fixed and movable furnishings from IKEA.