The German Jordanian University, through its Robotics Club, won second place in the Excellence Projects Competition in Artificial Intelligence, as part of the Creative Excellence Initiative organized by the Jordanian Centre for Design and Development (JODDB) in the Jordanian Armed Forces.


The research project titled "AI-based Failure Detection/Prediction of 3D Printers" aimed to develop a model capable of predicting faults related to the repeated use of 3D printers or environmental changes, such as temperature and humidity fluctuations, which affect the quality of the final product and result in wastage of materials and energy resources.


The team project, supervised by Dr. Mutaz Ryalat  from the Mechatronics Engineering Department in the College of Applied Technical Sciences, included engineer Mohammad Rashdan and students Abdulrahman Al-Zumor, Fares Al-Natsheh, Ramy Jaanini, Tarek Abdah, Omar Abu Alhaj, and Khairy Saleh. They worked on designing an enhanced mechatronics system integrated with Artificial Intelligence technology and machine learning, aligning with the applications of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.