The School of Natural Resources Engineering and Management conducted the kickoff meeting for the project” The Transboundary Azraq Basalt Aquifer Appraisal of status, potential, and cross border cooperation”. The Kickoff meeting was attended by his excellency the secretary general of the Ministry of water and irrigation, Jihad Al-Mahamid and representatives of a number of specialized institutions.

The project, funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, aims to ensure the sustainable use of the Azraq Basalt Aquifer, through the development of a unified mechanism for the study and management of similar basins, based on cross-border cooperation between different partners.

GJU’s vice president for international affairs, Prof. Reiner stressed the support of GJU to the applied research, particularly that related to national priorities. While his excellency the secretary general for the MWI, Dr. Jihad Al Mahameed, in his speech pointed to the importance of the collaboration between the universities and ministry particularly in research related to the ministry’s priorities.

During the launch ceremony, discussions that talked about the importance of the project presented by the head of the water diplomacy center, Dr. Majed Abu Zraiq, Mr. Mufleh Alaween from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. Dr. Nizar Abu Jaber, GJU’s scientific lead, talked about the region of interest and Dr. Qasem Abdelal, the project manager, highlighted the main steps of the project and the anticipated outcome.


The participants represented various bodies which are the Ministry of Water and Irrigation, the Jordan Valley Authority, researchers and academics, the Iraqi Public Authority for Groundwater, ACSAD (Arab Center for the Studies of Arid Zones and Dry Lands), the National Center for Crisis Management, the National Center for Agricultural Research, the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Agriculture and the Water Diplomacy Center.