The German Jordanian University and the Electronic Health Solutions (EHS) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to enhance collaborative efforts between both parties in areas of mutual interest.


The memorandum, signed by the University President Prof. Dr. Ala’aldeen Al-Halhouli, and the CEO of Electronic Health Solutions (EHS), Engineer Omar Ibrahim Ayesh, stipulates the provision of training courses in the field of health informatics and the operation of the "Hakeem Program" to university students. It also involves conducting lectures, workshops, research, joint meetings, field trips, participating in the university's innovation and technology transfer activities, and providing employment opportunities to university graduates.


Dr. Al-Halhouli highlighted that the German Jordanian University is keen on building partnerships with the private sector across various levels, particularly within the healthcare sector. This is especially significant as the university recently introduced a nursing college that will offer a bachelor's degree program in nursing in the upcoming academic year.


He added that this collaboration will contribute to the development of certain study courses within nursing and applied medical sciences faculties. Additionally, proposals for joint academic, scientific, research, and training projects will be formulated and presented to relevant entities for potential funding.


Engineer Omar Ibrahim Ayesh stated that the company will provide training opportunities for students through the "Hakeem Academy" program. This program aims to develop health informatics skills among university students majoring in business, applied medical sciences, electrical engineering, information technology, and applied technical sciences. This preparation equips students with the necessary skills before entering the job market.


Ayesh emphasized that Hakeem Academy will continue to play a pioneering role in raising awareness levels and providing training for local university students specializing in health informatics. This aims to enhance their skills and enable them to achieve the goals of the Hakeem Program and the Health Computing Company.