Amman- 16 February 2022

The Deanship of Innovation, Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship - DI-TECH announced (Monday, 07.02.2022) that they have reached 50 partners in the Dual Studies program. Ram Pharmaceutical Industries Company has recently signed an agreement to support and host Dual Studies students this year 2022, marking the 50th partner for this blooming program. This achievement asserts GJU’s commitment to achieve its key role in reinforcing the applied science dimension and fostering entrepreneurship.

GJU has first launched the Dual Studies program in 2018 as a specialized track to bridge the gap between theoretical education and practical experience. The success of this program remains primarily reliant on the acquisition of industrial partners. Such companies who are willing to host and train students are the driving force behind offering this track for different majors.

In the past 3 years the number of companies joining has expanded rapidly reaching 50 this year, this remarkable progress was reflected in the number of majors covered by the Dual Studies track, which now amounts to 9 majors.

For his part, the President of the University, Prof. Ala’aldeen Al-Halhouli expressed his appreciation of this accomplishment and the leading role GJU is playing in adapting to the Jordanian requirements along with promoting private sector partnerships. He’s also emphasized the importance of continuously developing and updating degree plans to support and meet the ever-changing industrial needs. Additionally, he stated: “The sustainable success of this program requires mutual commitment from students, professors and our partner companies”.

The Dean of Innovation, Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship- DI-TECH, Dr. Nidal AlShwawreh stated that he is immensely proud of the dual studies team at reaching this milestone and it is quite humbling to receive supportive feedback from all partners, who praised the program and its importance in providing tailor-made graduates. In addition, he said: “The Dual Studies at GJU is currently in a great position and we are definitely on our way to modernize our academic programs in GJU through a strong partnership with industry”.

Ram Pharmaceutical Industries is one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in Jordan with over 30 years of experience in manufacturing various pharmaceutical dosage. They are a certified supplier of medicines to the Jordanian Ministry of Health. CEO Mr. Waseem AlNajami stated: “We are very happy to partner with GJU in such an innovative promising program, as we always seek opportunities to acquire performance-oriented trainees and it is our responsibility to participate”.


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