Word of Dean Assistant for Industrial Relations 

The world is changing rapidly, and time has become the main factor for success, continuity, and the ability to compete at the level of individuals and organizations in the field of business.

Higher education as part of this world has changed to keep pace with what is happening in the world and provides graduates with the necessary tools and skills required to effectively engage in the production process and quickly obtain suitable jobs in the labor market.

The most important characteristic of modern higher education is the focus on training during the study and the practice of the applied side of the specialization. The dual studies program in the Business School came to embody this concept through partnerships with leading international and local companies specialized in the fields studied by students, which enables students to gain job experience, apply academic knowledge to the working world, develop a professional network, build their soft skills and find a permanent job.

If the students perform well during their practical phase, there's a possibility that they may get a permanent job offer even before they graduate.

Ultimately, our goal is for all students to have the opportunity to participate in this unique and distinguished program, and we wish success to all.

Dr. Emad Hatamleh

Dean Assistant for Industrial Relations


Available majors for Dual Studies in Business School