About the Department

About the Department



The Department of Architecture and Interior Architecture has a unique multidisciplinary structure which offers Bachelor in Science in both Architecture and Interior Architecture as well as two Master programs of Science, Spatial Planning and Architectural Conservation.  

All the offered programs prepare the students for critical involvement with real practice and enhances their awareness and sensitivity to social responsibilities, sustainability and environmental intervention, and the benefits of research and innovation. Emphases are placed on teamwork, networking, and the integration of education and the market place. Furthermore, they were taught throughout the years by academic and industry experts. 


Bachelor Architecture Stream, 187CH 

The stream of architecture offers related subjects in architectural design, building materials and construction techniques, utility planning, heritage conservation, history of architecture, human interaction with the natural and built environment, green architecture, landscape architecture and urban design.  

Bachelor Interior Architecture Stream, 187CH 

The Interior Architecture stream is one of a kind programs as it is the first and only program in Jordan offering engineering degree in interior architecture. 

The program offers its students a curated study plan that helps them acquire the skills and knowledge of architecture, while developing a high sense of attention to the interior as well as getting involved on a more technical level in their design process.  

Master of Science in Spatial Planning, 36 CH                                                                            

This unique program combines multi-dimensional aspects which lead to problem-solving practical approaches. It has an integrated sustainable planning and urban design approaches which contribute to the contemporary built environment on a local, regional, and worldwide level. 

Master of Science in Architectural Conservation, 40CH 

Historic sites and structures represent the diversity of Jordan's cultural resources, which refer to various periods and contexts that have important historical, social, aesthetical, religious, and cultural values and significance. There is an urgent need to preserve their built heritage and all the associated related values.  The program aims to provide the market with well-qualified specialists, as well as raise awareness about the importance of these sites and structures, and hoe to preserve them in a sustainable way. 


We are pleased at our department to welcome all future talented architects and planners for a unique fruitful adventure!