About the Department

About the Department

The department of logistic sciences at the Business School is the first department specialized in logistics and supply chain management to be opened in Jordan. So far, no other specialized academic departments are available in the country. Programs offered by the department of Logistic sciences provide students with the knowledge and skills needed for access or progression in fields of logistics and supply chain management. The Department of Logistic Sciences is offering both undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Logistics has the responsibility for managing the efficient and effective movement and storage of materials, component parts, and finished products into, within, and out of an organization. In this sense, logistics is constantly considered as the lifeline of any organization. The Jordanian market witnessed an increasing demand for logistics and supply chain management professionals. Having the distinct advantage of being the only academic department in all Jordanian universities to offer a degree in logistics, our students are provided with the knowledge and skills required for getting a job or pursuing further training and education such as professional certificates and Graduate Studies.

The programs offered by the department cover the major components of logistics system including: purchasing strategies, transportation management, warehouse design and operations, inventory planning and control, supplier-customer relationships, import and export operations, and retail logistics management. The programs include the topics of supply chain management and integration, logistics system optimization, humanitarian logistics, green logistics and sustainability, and the contemporary issues in logistics.

Considering the interdisciplinary nature of logistics, the programs focus on interrelationships between logistics and other functions in the organization, and the interaction between logistics systems in different organizations in the supply chain. Therefore, the programs cover the topics of business management and organizational behavior, operation and production management, accounting and financial management, and information technology and e-business. Furthermore, students have the chance to develop their language proficiencies as they are going to study with English language and they will study German language as well.

In addition to the comprehensive understanding of the components of the logistics system, the department focuses on providing the students with many supportive sills that deemed to be critical for the continuously changing business environment including:

  • analytical skills,

  • critical thinking,

  • group work,

  • utilizing advanced technology in the business environment, and

  • intercultural communication.

The unique features of the department of logistics sciences are as follows: professional academic staff with high level of qualifications and experience that enable them be deliver their knowledge and experience to students, the department is focusing on bridging the gap between academia and industry, and students have the opportunity to practice their knowledge and skills during their internship either in Germany or in Jordan. Eventually, students will be graduated with adequate competencies that will enable them to understand and oversee logistics and supply chain operations, evaluate performance of any logistics and supply chain management system and could solve problems pertaining to that industry.

Logistics offers career opportunities in many areas including: purchasing and procurement, material management, distribution management, warehouse and inventory management, production and operations management, traffic and transportation management, material handling operations, packaging, customer service, and many other areas. Graduates can seek job opportunities in companies such as:

  • Manufacturing firms

  • Retailing firms

  • Wholesalers and distribution firms

  • Shipping companies and transportation service providers

  • Merchandising firms

  • Public warehouses

  • Material handling, equipment manufacturers and dealers

  • Software and computer service firms